Turtle Wax Graphene Flex Wax Review | Feat. Ferrari 812 SuperFast

Today I review the new Flex Wax Graphene Spray Coating From TurtleWax to see if its any good on a very special Ferrari

Stunning Ferrari 812 SuperFast

Today I take a look at Turtle Wax Flex Wax which is a graphene spray coating which is has only recently come to the market in and this one has huge durability claims for a spray wax. So i had the opportunity to put it to the test.

Firstly I had to make sure the Ferrari was free from any debris and contaminants. For this test the car didn't have a full clay bar or machine polish in fact the majority of the 812 has PPF Paint protection Film wrap so it was interesting to see how it would impact the new graphene spray.

To See the Full results watch the video and you may be surprised.

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