Tuscan GP: How They Mayhem Unfolded

Breakdown of Events that led to the mayhem at the Tuscan GP

45w ago

The Tuscan GP turned out to be one of the most exciting F1 races of the last 5 years. It featured three safety cars and two red flags in a span of 57 laps, that's an unprecedented number in a Formula One race in the last decade. But the question that asks itself, how did this chain of events unfold itself? Here is how.

First Safety Car

The first safety car at the Tuscan GP came out right after the first lap, it all started when Max Verstappen's RB16 started losing power and dropped Max down the order like a stone. At the same time, Monza's GP winner was going for a gap that soon started to disappear, causing the Frenchmen to get squeezed between Kimi & Grosjean. Which led to pushing Kimi and sending him to the rear end of the slowing Max and in return turning Max onto Piere and pushing each other to the gravel trap. So, predictably the safety car came out to allow the marshals to clean the track from debris and also removing Max' & Piere's cars.4

Second Safety Car & First Red Flag

well, the first safety car remained on track until lap 6 and once it came in it was up to the race leader, Bottas at that time to dictate the pace and start the race as usual. However, Bottas slowed the pace a lot in order to clear the start/finish straight & prevent any slipstream opportunity on that long straight.

At the same time back in the midfield, Ocon & Kvyat were slowing their pace even more in order to create some gaps and build a run once the race restarts but they fell behind the pack in front and they are obliged to stay close each other under the safety car regulations. So both of them uped their pace aggressively to catch the pack, which led KMag, Antonio Giovinazzi & Carlos Sainz to think that the race has restarted but quickly enough they realized the opposite and ended up crashing with each other creating mayhem right after the race restarted.

The amount of debris and crashed cars left scattered on the track forced to red flag the race in order to allow the marshals to clean up the track.

Third Safety Car & Second Red Flag

On lap 43, Lance Stroll's left rear tire blew off and sent him at very high speed crashing at the tires barrier. The crash took the breath out of Stroll but thankfully he walked out safe. And of course, this accident red-flagged the race again in order for the marshals to fix the barrier.

This race was an amazing & exciting race to watch, it exceeding everyone's expectation as many expected this race to be one of those dull races. Thankfully none of the drivers got hurt with all of those accidents. We hope to see more exciting F1 races in the near future. Let us know your thoughts about the race and the track in the comments below.

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