Tutorial on how to create a quiz on BuzzFeed.

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If you are here, you may have read my post on where and how we can keep making quizzes. If you are interested in making a quiz on BuzzFeed, it can be quite difficult to figure out at first, so i hope this tutorial helps, keep in mind i'm quite new here too so it may not be the best tutorial out there but it should cover the basics. Enjoy! ps. i was almost done with this article but accidentally deleted everything so i have to do this all over again at almost midnight.

Step 1, Logging into BuzzFeed.

I know, the main page isn't really for us folks. But that's not why we are here today so moving on.

I know, the main page isn't really for us folks. But that's not why we are here today so moving on.

Go to Buzzfeed.com or click here and on the top right hand corner of the screen you should be able to see "sign in", Click on it, and you will be brought to a page that looks abit like this:

Sign in or up depending if you already have a BuzzFeed account or not.

Sign in or up depending if you already have a BuzzFeed account or not.

After you have completed the signup process, go back to the main page and do as the following:

Step 2, Making a quiz.

Go back to buzzfeed.com, and if you have signed in. You will see the "sign in" option has been replaced with a bell icon, so click on it then go to "New Post" as shown here:

picture 3

picture 3

Once you do that, you will be brought into a quiz editor like this:

I will be explaining to you all the elements of the page that are shown using the arrows and numbers.

1. Quiz Name

2. Quiz Description *mandatory*

3. Save (once saved, the quiz will be saved into your drafts. *see picture 3*)

4. Enter your thumbnail here

Now to add a quiz, click on "quiz" then click on "Trivia" as shown below:

After that, a window will pop up like this:

1. Check or Uncheck to add the overlay text (the big word over your image)

2. Click here to add your image for the question

3. Image Description (not mandatory)

4. Question (not mandatory)

Once you've added your image, click on the "answer box" to edit your answers.

1. The boxes you tick will determine what type of responses would be added, "2 up" and "3 up" would be pictures, and "text" is well... text answers, which we will be using today.

2. Text answer

3. Choose which answers are the correct one

4. Click here to add more answers

Once you've added your question and answers, Click on "Reveal When Answered" section, this is what will come up after the player has entered their answers.

1. Add an image that will show up in response to the answers. (you don't have to add an image if you just want text responses)

2. Reveal title

3. Description

4. Click here to add more questions

Step 3, Complete your quiz.

Once your are satisfied with your questions, scroll to the bottom and you will see "results", shown as below:

1. Add pictures and text as respond, you're familiar with this. Just like the one we have here at DriveTribe.

2. Save and close Quiz. Click here if you have finished editing, you don't have to upload it just yet if you aren't complete.

Once you close you quiz, you will be reverted back to the editor and it should look like this:

If you want to edit your quiz again, hover your mouse over the area highlighted with the red box, then click on the pencil icon and the editor should come up again.

Additional info, if you go to the top right hand corner of the editor, you can see your little profile picture and you can have some options like your drafts, dashboard and some others.

Aaaand you're set! if you have completed everything needed for the post to be published, you can just publish it right away!

1. Preview

2. Publish Now. (they don't have schedule option)

And that's it! Hope this article helps you to create your first ever buzzfeed quiz. It's not quite DriveTribe and BuzzFeed itself isn't for us, but hope you can utilize this to keep making quizzes in the future, You can check my test buzzfeed quiz here

Thanks for reading everyone, if you haven't please read my article on how we quiz makers can keep making quizzes beyond DriveTribe. I'm David and it's been an amazing ride, thank you!

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