TVR Griffith widebody is nothing short of mental

TVR often springs to mind when you think of an unrestrained and unorthodox sports car. Everything from their design language, powertrain and interior has always been unconventional. After over a decade of disappearance, the British manufacturer resurfaced with their second generation Griffith in 2017. As promising as this reborn legend may seem, some argue that it has lost its TVR essence and is too sensible by design. The new Griffith even uses a relatively sensible but brilliant engine, a 500bhp Coyote V8; quite different to the Cerbera Speed 12's 7.73L V12. However, one automotive artist by the name of Timothy Adry Emmanuel (adry53customs) has rendered a widebody Griffith and it is out of this world.

It could fit under Liberty Walk's product lineup

This "slammed" vehicle is all about going wide and low, an automotive style preferred by a select group of enthusiasts as an oppose to a majority. The front bumper, fenders, wheels and spoiler have been redesigned, making this Griffith radically different to any other. The addition of a front splitter, canards, side skirts and spoiler further help the case, however, that ludicrous rear diffuser is actually unchanged and from factory. The render also includes a set of 8 induction trumpets/velocity stacks that protrude from the bonnet and it will almost certainly divide opinions. Meanwhile the original side exhausts have been extended and wrapped in carbon-fibre.

What are the finer changes?

Like any render, there are a few quirks that require you to look twice in order to notice them. The bottom-half of the headlights are now heavily tinted, reducing its effective surface area and making the headlights look baggy eyes. The factory car had small badges sitting a notch above the rear-bottom of the side skirts, however, due to the flared fenders it has now been removed. Finally, the TVR badge sat on the ducktail region of the factory car, whereas on this one it has been moved up onto the bolted spoiler. The artist has incredible talent but this style of render may or may not be to your taste, so use the poll below to cast your vote!

Are you a fan of the Griffith widebody?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

You can view more of Timothy's incredible work on his Instagram below.

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