Twin CAb Utes.

2y ago


The massive growth of the twin cab market in Australia [and around the overlanding world] with its versatile weekday bus and weekend warrior space and comfort, its any wonder the "ute" is becoming popular with "adventurists". With just afew good modifications these vehicles can generally carry the whole family, as well as bikes, boards, canoes, climbing gear, and room for the camping gear as well.

Protection of the dangly bits is vital.

Personalization of this segment of the market to make the vehicle use specific is very easy with the huge range of gear available, it just means knowing how to sort the worthy from the "to cheap to be true" lines. No use de valuing your $60k ute, by putting 10k of non UV stabilized poor fitting, unknown products on it, because in 3-5 years, they will be a liability, not an asset.

After all, if your starting with the Toyota, and accept the "Toyota Tax" on purchase, you understand value vs cost, so applying this to the fit out of your vehicle should also ring true.

So if you want 5 light bars, but you have spacers on your standard suspension, it might be time to save by buying 1 quality light set up, and investing the rest of the savings into a proper set up that wont let you down when you work it hardest. The better the item you get, the more chance you will run it on the next vehicle, and the next, as well, giving long term value, rather than short term buyer pride.

So keep these details in mind when shopping for your new 4wd, ute or otherwise, but we thought this was worth sharing, as many new twin cab ute owners are new to the "overlanding" and adventure scene, and with the marketing machine on overload, its easy to fit the wrong parts to your new car. This marketing machine can also impact the media you read, and the "expert" you talk to at the counter, based on holidays, rebates, and margins, so be careful out there !

“Poor people can’t afford cheap things.”

Finnish Proverb.