Twin Engined Madness - The Legendary 800Hp Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak Version

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima and one his more recognizable Masterpieces

This is the Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak Version, the Twin-Engined Monster of Gran Turismo 2 fame (alongside the Escudo), driven by Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima and one of the machines that inspired the very creation of this Channel. It was entered in the 1993 edition of Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where it placed 2nd Overall only one second behind the winner and posting a massively impressive 10.44 sec chrono on what was a still full gravel version of the Legendary event.

The ultimate version of the Cultus race cars that Tajima had developed since 1988 between the All Japan Dirt Trial series and Pikes Peak, before the switch to the Escudo, its most proeminent feature is the twin engine setup. Weighing only 870Kg due to its tube-framed chassis and extensive use of Carbon Fiber and reinforced palstic on all panels, it is then powered by engines located in both front and rear. Each 1.6-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC turbo engine delivered approximately 400Hp, for a combined total of almost 800Hp and 900Nm. Controlling the engines we had an electronic control system featuring a center differential with electromagnetic clutch. Both axles were equipped with double-wishbone suspension and electronically controlled dampers.

It is a proper Legend of the Sport that marked an entire generation due to its presence on Gran Turismo 2. Thankfully there is still some Classic footage of it to appreciate how this proper Monster delivered its incredible performance.

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