Twin MSO R Coupe and R Spider are the bespoke McLaren’s of your dreams

What’s better than one bespoke McLaren? A bespoke pair of them of course

4y ago

Being super-rich means that you shouldn't have to make do with just one personalized MSO supercar, when two is a much better (and expensive) option.

What we have here is the MSO R Coupe and the MSO R Spider. These are a pair of 650S based one-off supercars built for one slightly indecisive and very wealthy customer who just couldn’t decide on a coupe or a spider.

If you don’t recall what MSO is, it is, of course, McLaren Special operations who will build you pretty much anything your heart desires as long as you have enough zeros on the balance of your bank account.

These cars are based on the Woking based carmakers previous super-series platform – which gave us 650S and 675LT. Power comes from the same generation 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.

In this pairing, though it has been tweaked to 679bhp, a 13bhp jump over the limited run 675LT. MSO could have just tweaked the turbocharger boost settings to produce more power, here though they did things the old-fashioned way by hand polishing the heads and the exhaust ports to improve power along with a custom exhaust featuring titanium exit pipes.

As you can see, both of this duo has the looks of the 650S/675LT generation which is no bad thing at all. Both though seem to have picked up a number of parts from the GT3 parts-bin which is another plus point. Check out that front splitter which leads to a pair of front bumper mounted fins, all very race-spec if you will. All this aero-trickery is helped out at the back by the full-carbon wing emblazoned with MSO R logos in case peasants mistake this pairing for mere ‘standard’ McLaren’s.

The outside is finished with silver paint with black stripes combo alongside all that carbon-fibre trimmed in orange. It’s more of the same on the inside as you get liberal use of Alcantara and carbon detailing along with very orange seats.

Our guess is that two is always better than one; I mean if you thrash one of this duo around a race track, then by rights the other will always be working until you return to the track.

As always, no details on the pricing was revealed, but you can expect it to be very expensive.

Thoughts on these twin McLarens? Are things better in two’s or could the cash have been better spent? Tell us your thoughts in the #supercars live chat.

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  • Kinda disappointed... like they forgot that the HS existed.

      4 years ago