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Two and half years with my M4 GTS now. We briefly fell out of love. The ride is a killer, it's very loud and severely lacks traction at the drive wheels. Recently I realised a dream by driving a friend's Aventador. This Aventador was tuned with a Capristo exhaust. I'm not joking it felt tame with the comparatively comfortable suspension and overly safe with all that grip from the AWD. Sure this Aventador was fast, seriously fast and sounded amazing. Getting back into my car, also tuned and with an Eventuri intake, it's an assassin. At any moment it could kill in a number of ways. Either by thrusting the upper spine through the brain, or because it follows every rut on the road or because it is spinning the rear wheels more often than it's not in gears 1 through 3 on the road. The Cup2s very rarely get to operating temperature during road driving. However there is something quite rewarding about driving a car that is constantly trying to kill you. Until it succeeds driving it makes you feel alive, really alive.
Much maligned the M4 GTS, so hardcore, so raw but you can't blame a shark for being bitey. That's it's very nature. The things that made me fall out of love with it I've learned to embrace ...and they lived happily ever after.

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  • Wow, what a thing! And you're Australian - you can handle a shark.

      2 years ago