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Two classic Mustangs get completely wrecked after high speed police chase

And the innocent Mustangs weren't even at fault.

2d ago


It always sucks to see classic cars get destroyed. Knowing that they are a piece of auto history with limited units left, it pains us all to see them meet their end - especially if the prized cars' owner wasn't at fault.

Unfortunately for this resident in a Southern Californian suburb, a police pursuit of a speeding pickup truck at around 2:30am on the 5th of November created an unfortunate scene right outside the resident's house, with the driver of the speeding vehicle losing control and plowing through a stationary truck, before landing on its side atop two classic Ford Mustangs under wraps.

According to Nick - the resident/video uploader, the two Mustangs, a 1964.5 coupe and 1967 convertible both belonged to him, as well as the parked Chevy pickup that took the brunt of the impact. The Chevy Camaro behind the pickup narrowly escaped unscathed.

Making things worse, only two vehicles will reportedly be covered under Nick's insurance, although it's unclear as to which vehicle isn't covered.


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Comments (17)

  • Ouch that sucks!

      2 days ago
  • Chances are if he is running from the cops then he is probably a runner from responsibilities and probably doesn’t have any real assets other than a gun and some audio/video equipment.

      1 day ago
  • I’d sue that shitbag into the Stone Age.

      1 day ago
  • Airbag in the truck worked a treat.

      1 day ago
  • The mustangs had it coming. At least the Camaro got away clean!

      2 days ago


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