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U-Gears Roadster Sneak-Peak

Building the U-Gears Roadster VM-01

So I was in the middle of building a convertible version of this but I was getting a little burned out and wanted to take a break.

I have had 3 U-Gears sets for at least 1yr maybe this one for 2yrs by now and I figured now was a good time to build it. I mean it's MUCH easier since all you need to do is follow the instructions.

This is the U-Gears Roadster VM-01

But of course I didn't just want to do a stock build. What's the fun in that? I wanted to add some COLOR!😁

I did a little research on-line and there weren't too many builds, that had been painted. The company website said the best way to add color was to use water colors, gouache or mordant paints. Then I found someone online that had built the Grand Prix car and had used Sharpie Markers that soak into the wood.

If you look really close you will see the edges aren't really red, because the wood has been laser cut so the edges are burned.

I did find one Roadster online that was painted....sort of:

But I am planning on painting or coloring everything and it will be MUCH more realistic. I'm going with green since it's supposed to be a generic British sports car with brown seats and silver wheels.

When I started using the Sharpies I quickly realized that black and silver are the only covers that really cover the burned wooden edges. So most of the inner workings will be black and silver. But for the body, as you can see, most of it is made of edges so I am using acrylic paint.

You can see the body of this car has LOTS of burned edges

You can see the body of this car has LOTS of burned edges

Here are a few progress pictures:

Hope to have this build complete in another week or two.

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