UAW shifts focus towards Ford after reaching agreement with GM

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The United Auto Workers union has reached an agreement with General Motors and have ended a 40-day strike that cost the company $2 billion.

The agreement has brought an end to the two-tier pay gap, but has also reversed the decision to close the three production facilities and a parts distribution center. That means that GM’s big cars and compact cars will be discontinued, while models like the Blazer will continue to be built outside the US.

The UAW are now directing their focus to Ford, and then FCA to reach better agreements to improve their competitiveness, while protecting the rights of their respective workers.

The agreement was voted on by GM’s 48,000 workers that operate within the UAW, and was ratified with a 57 per cent approval rating. The agreement also mentions that the Detroit-Hamtramck facility will be retooled for electric truck production, while the Lordstown plant will be sold to Lordstown Motor Corps, a new startup company that plans on selling electric pickup trucks for commercial use, much like Workhorse’s W-15.

GM is also investing into its current production facilities as well as creating new jobs involving battery production. This is big news because this means that we could see models like the Menlo come over from China, and be produced in the US.

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