Uber and Arrival partner to create electric car

The two companies have unveiled their plan to create an "affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle for ride-hailing drivers".

Known for their electric vans that are current used by the UPS, Arrival has decided to collaborate with Uber in order to create an electric car that will prioritise "driver comfort, safety and convenience".

This project is linked with Uber's plans to make their entire London fleet all-electric by 2025, while in North America and Europe the company hopes to achieve that goal by 2030. 3.5 million Uber journeys in London have been done using EVs.

This partnership follows another agreement that Uber made with Nissan and Renault that aimed to expand the company's electric car fleet, which saw drivers being offered financial incentives on the companies' electric cars and also saw the creation of an educational programme that advocated the increased usage of EVs.

Senior Vice President of Arrival Tom Elvidge welcomed the announcement, stating “We are confident that electrifying ride-hailing vehicles will have an outsized impact on cities and we are keen to support drivers as they manage this transition."

This project in my opinion is essential, especially considering the fact that London Mayor Sadiq Khan - who is most likely going to win the mayoral election - is planning on expanding the ULEZ, which means that travelling in an electric car to those zones will be cost-free and therefore keep the drivers happy.

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