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Uber could be banned in London, could this mean more space for personal cars?

Not really, no!

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Uber is in a bit of trouble in London as they have not done enough to improve rider safety, and now are in the process to get banned from the city. London is one of Ubers largest markets with over 40,000 drivers signed up. Well, Uber does have 21 days to continue to operate in the city and to appeal the ban in the Magistrates Court, they probably will.

Uber has made changes which focus on safety and regulations and even independent overseers of the operations. Yet for the Transport of London it is not enough because even with those changes they have uncovered at least 14,000 incidents. These 14,000 incidents are of Ubers system of allowing drivers to upload their photographs to other drivers accounts, which means that the driver that picks you up could be a different driver than the one of the account says.

...Traffic could still not improve...

But, with potentially 40,000 cars off the roads does this mean the traffic in London could improve? No! an Estonian company called Taxify has relaunched in the city and French company Kapten which has a big backing from Daimler and BMW has signed up 16,000 drivers in the city.

Consider that Uber gets banned, 40,000 drivers off the streets. This does leave those drivers with an option to sign up with the two alternatives to uber or the potential ride share services that could expand into London.

A solution for people using Uber or ride share services is to use the Black Cabs in London or the public transport. Now that the public transport could be more crowded Transportation of London could increase the frequency of trains at least.

For people who drive their own car in London, the traffic is still going to be bad....

What do you make of all this?

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  • Uber in a reckless we can do anything we want because the public wants cheap rides regardless of the cost to drivers

    There’s cost to this

    They are having problems in France London USA

    In more cities

    This will catchup with them

      8 months ago