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This does seem like I'm losing the plot by complaining about a lack of change to the VED (Road Tax) for my car but to me its an opportunity missed and doesn't bode well for the future.

In the UK we have awful roads. The Ferrari bumpy road button must have been designed with UK driving in mind. Over the summer I spent one journey driving north on the M11 dodging potholes. This is main arterial route and it had holes in it large enough to put a dent in a wheel rim and possibly cause an accident. I drove on better quality roads up and down the sides of mountains in Switzerland and Italy in September. Why are our roads so bad? Mainly because there isn't the money available to maintain the roads in good condition.

So that brings me back to the budget. Unless you are have a very non-polluting car you can pay the VED monthly. This could be increased by say £1-5 per month going down the table proportionally without it having two much of an impact on the owners. I've got two cars and would probably end up with £8-9/month extra based on that. That extra cash could then be put towards paying for road improvements.

Without an increase what are we left with. Materials will go up. Workers wages will go up. The cost of repairs will go up. Without an increase in the money coming in then the number, or quality, of the repairs will go down. Our roads are bad enough as it is.

What do people think? Would people be prepared to pay more tax for better roads?

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  • A thoughtful commentary. The premise is that; extra revenue collected would actually be used to fund better roads. That's the first mistake. The funds would then be used efficiently, is the second. You have to believe in 'trust us, we're the government'.

    1 year ago
  • Nice post - promoted in the lifestyle ambassador category

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