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UK Car Culture #NotABoyRacer

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While car culture in the UK seems to be booming recently with automotive social media channels growing bigger than ever, and thus reaching new audiences and creating new petrol heads, there still seems to be a bit of an image problem with UK’s car culture.

There is an issue in my opinion with society at large and even some petrolheads just slamming the ‘boy-racer’ label on anyone who drives or even owns visibly modified car.

It seems that unless someone drives an expensive and probably German car they are absolutely not allowed to enjoy it, and that everything a car should be is a tool to get from A to B, or as an expensive fashion accessory for the middle aged middle-class folk or kids with rich parents.

And anyone not conforming to these standards gets labelled a ‘boy-racer’ which I assume is part of the reason why Bryn (the guy sliding around in his MX-5 above) decided to put this sticker on his car.


Now there is probably a healthy bit of banter behind this sticker but it’s mere existence does show that there is still quite a bit of that ‘boy-racer’ stigma going around.

As said above some petrol-heads do it too, these I call snobs; people who look down on anyone who modifies a cheap or unpopular car, calling them ricers or boy-racers. Funnily enough these snobs tend to be 15-year olds without a license, and their only experience with cars is that of their dad’s diesel Audi or BMW…. but that’s a story for another day.

Now I’m not going to go on saying that ‘everyone has their own story’ so we shouldn’t judge people or some other pseudo deep bullc**p like that. Because chances are that the guy with a 316i E36 with a fart can revving it for a bloody hour making peoples ears bleed mand making me feel ashamed to be a part of the same community, had no story behind him other than that he was a massive d**khead.

Found on goole after searching for 'riced BMW', bad choice some, things were seen that cant be unseen.

Found on goole after searching for 'riced BMW', bad choice some, things were seen that cant be unseen.

However, Bryn from the photo above, also drives a car with a loud exhaust, lowered coilovers, and a bunch of stickers on it. Difference lays in the fact that Bryn isn’t a d*ckface, and it’s damn right hurtful to put him an educated engineer and thousands of other car enthusiasts able of both thinking and breathing simultaneously into the same bag as the idiot from the E36.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be a saint here, I’ve had made my fair share of ‘sighs’ and snarky comments between my friends upon seeing yet another stanced out civic or blacked out hatchback. Sometimes I was probably right, but other times I’ve probably looked down at a person like Bryn, just because I assumed they must be a boy-racer simply because I did not like their car style. (Although it’s more likely than not, that if you drive a blacked out corsa then you indeed are an utter dips**t and you should re-think your life…)

And upon some reflection that kind of sucks, so to finally get to the point of this article is to ask everyone to relax a little and be a bit less judgmental to others and how they decide to express the passion we all share, so long so they are not an annoying dips**t of course.

I could probably go on here for longer describing the Good the Snoby and the Chavy sides to the UK’s car culture, but that’s a topic for another time, and since this is the 3rd time I’m trying to write this I will end it here, my little rant about chavy boy-racers who ruin the image of car culture In the UK.


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