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Team Bourne Dubbers

What more could you want then buying a car for £500 and spending six weeks of the summer country hopping with no real idea of what your doing. Well that is exactly what we did, two guys from Eastbourne with a 1 litre Polo ready for the scrap yard. Take a look at our teaser below.

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But we weren't alone, we were part of 200 teams that had gathered from around the world to attempt the journey, many wouldn't make it but for those who did the stories will live on forever.

Team Bourne Dubbers and Chitty Brum enjoying a night off in Barnaul, Russia

We were lucky enough to meet some great people along the way and you can read their blog here:

So what are you waiting for, buy that clapped out banger from your nearest scrap yard, grab a mate and head off on the journey of a lifetime.

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