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U​K parking bosses await reveal of 'miracle garage' at James May's new house

C​ar storage may be 'revolutionised'.

1y ago

T​he heads of Britain's biggest parking organisations have assembled in Hammersmith in the hope of glimpsing the interior of the garage built into James May's new house, which is nearing completion.

'​We all read the story in the Daily Mail,' said the boss of National Car Parks. 'And we all saw the official floor plan of the house they published, which shows what appears to be a single garage. But apparently May is going to park a collection of 40 motorcycles and a fleet of luxury cars in there. We just can't work out how he's going to do it.'

'​There could be far-reaching ramifications for parking in the UK's cities,' said John Bollard, head of public relations at ParkRight. 'But they're positive ones. The parking provision in places like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh could increase by a factor of 20 if May is right.'

M​eanwhile, Sarah Fixed-Penalty, of the pressure group Mothers for Parking Justice, took the opportunity to scold the parking industry over the issue of May's garage. 'For decades we've been paying for a whole space for one car, and it turns out you can get a fleet of luxury motors in one, along with 40 motorcycles. If the parking business doesn't use this opportunity to deliver a fairer and more cost-effective parking strategy for the UK then there's no justice.'

'​These are exciting times for parking,' said Roger Barrier of the government parking watchdog OffFob. 'We're used to having nowhere to park, but now we could have an excess of parking spaces in all our major cities. Many of our multi-story car parks can now be turned into affordable starter homes or much-needed student accommodation.'

E​lsewhere, James May was more cautious in his response. 'I'm going to need a stern word with my architect,' he told DriveTribe. 'I've reversed my Tesla into the garage and there's only enough room left for a couple of bicycles and some useful offcuts of wood. Hammersmith is now littered with motorcycles and luxury cars. All my neighbours have a Honda in the kitchen, my Ferrari is in my downstairs bog, my Porsche is in the beer garden at the pub, and the Rolls-Royce is parked in the frozen foods section of my local Sainsbury's. I'm bloody furious.'

J​onathan Glasses-Brompton, who designed the house for May, said, 'This is amazing. You couldn't make it up. Unless you're the Daily Mail.'

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  • I am equally confused, amused and interested.

      1 year ago
  • Well that explains the whole 'Rolls Royce in Sainsbury hulabaloo the other day'. I was just looking for some peas.

      1 year ago
  • WOW, ok this is interesting!

      1 year ago
  • I really want an interview with Sarah Fixed-Penalty.

      1 year ago
  • Since when does James constantly refer to himself in third person?

      1 year ago