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UK Startup Lunaz Has Plans to Convert Old Jags and Rolls to EV

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A U.K. startup called Lunaz has decided that they are going to offer EV converions for some of the world's most high-end classics, with the revealed restomod conversions on the website being the Rolls Phantom V and Jaguar XK120, with their own website saying, "Lunaz has purchased a fun range of iconoc classic cars which will be converted to electric. If we showed them all to you straight away this would ruin the fun. Keep a close eye on what's to come." This means we can only speculate what will come in the future of this company. My best guess is maybe a rival to the Jaguar E-Type Zero, or maybe some old Porsches? Who knows!

Courtesy of Lunaz

These cars aren't going to be slow either, with Car and Driver reporting that the XK120 twin conversion motors produce around 188 hp, for a combined total of 375 hp, and 516 lb-ft of torque. The battery pack is an 80kw-hr pack. One battery will be located under the hood of the vehicle, replacing the combustion engine, while the other will be fitted in the rear under the trunk, replacing the old fuel tank. Keep in mind the original Jaguar XK120 produced 160hp, with 195 lb-ft of torque to go alongside that. Though the power output will increase, so will the weight, with the battery packs reportedly adding about 300 lbs to the weight of the vehicle.

The features of the conversions will be extensive. Upon taking a glance at the build page for the XK120, the car will feature a touchscreen infotainment system with will provide "the now essential bluetooth telephone integration, navigation, and music-streaming services." Car and Driver reports that there will also be on-board Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, in an over 50 year old car!

So, as for price of these conversions, Car and Driver reports that they have been told by Lunaz that the conversions will cost over the equivalent of $430,000 (plus the price of the donor vehicle)! With that price tag, it's going to be a pretty exclusive conversion. Now, that's a lot of cash to fork over to be green, but is that a good value? It's basically taking the technology of a Tesla (without the self-driving), and sticking it in a classic.

The way I can see people hating this is that people love the way classics drive. It's one of the main appeals of classic cars. Swapping the engine for one that a) has little to no noise, and b) will change the speed of the car, could be a little iffy. Additionally, it's a niche product to sell. I don't see that many people having over $400k to drop on an EV conversion, and have to buy the car.

Personally, I like the idea of restomod EV's. It's a fun idea to keep the hobby of classic cars alive, while being environmentally-friendly and green. It's an idea that I believe will catch on, and I think that Lunaz has a good idea here. What do you think about Classic EV conversions?

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Comments (18)
  • Converting a classic car to an ev is like drawing a mustache on the mona lisa

    1 month ago
    7 Bumps
  • No just no. Why not make a replica ev instead of ruining a classic car

    1 month ago
    4 Bumps
    • I don’t really consider it running a classic car. I think it’s giving the cat new life.

      1 month ago
    • When you convert a classic car to an ev you are taking away what made it fun in the first place.

      You don't get the noise or character of an engine, you don't get the crackle of a 4...

      Read more
      1 month ago


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