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Ultimate 3 car garage for $320,000?

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Let's start by addressing the rather odd number, I didn't want our friends over the pond to feel left out, so $320,000 or £250,000 for the ultimate 3 car garage. I'll start. My theory here is one which I'd love to live by, a car for fun, a car for practical things, and a wildcard. Here's my first (rather safe) option.

1) USED RANGE ROVER SVR - $82,953/£65,000

Look at all of that lovely SVR muscle!

It's no surprise that the Range Rover Sport SVR is an absolute monster, with a large 5.0 V8 wedged into the front of the once timid Range Rover Sport, this particular model flies from 0 to 62mph in just 4.7 seconds. Powerful, great looking and planted with the assistance of the permanent All Wheel Drive, you can't really argue that this car would be a great "run-around". This vehicle definitely ticks off the practical requirement for me, more than enough space to get family, friends and shopping in, whilst that amazing V8 soundtrack spurs you on.

2) Ferrari 430 Scuderia $164,682/£129,000

Can't help but have a little bit of Italian flair in the collection!

I may be showing my age here (and not in the way you think either!) but the 430 Scud was something I grew up loving, having driven a "normal" 430, if you can even call it that, I've always wanted to have an opportunity to drive one. They're an appreciating asset as well, this particular model is LHD, but I would make that sacrifice just to hear that glorious engine note. It's safe to say that with this choice, my fun option can be ticked off of the list.

3) 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle S/S - $69,900/£54,845

I have always wanted to, and always will want to own an American muscle car at some point in my lifetime.

This is my wildcard, my final choice and it was the choice that was non negotiable for me. This particular car has been completely restored in a lovely Teal metallic paint. It has a 632 Blueprint crate engine running 821 bhp and 808 fpt. Yes, it will be a handful to drive, and yes it is another LHD motor, but by god is it stunning. If you've read any of my other posts you'll know that I'm an avid goer of car shows and events, this would be the perfect motor to take across.

And with that being said, that is the last of my dream 3 car garage, with a measly $2,465/£1,931 remaining out of my budget, I would then have to take a mortgage out to run, insure and modify the fleet.

What would your ultimate 3 car garage be? Drop it down in the comments below, bonus points for pictures!

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