Ultimate Porsche?

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Lets just put this straight out there as we were all thinking it, just bare with me... With a stereotypical Porsche owner's combined age to be around 62, probably a couple of kids and easily 2 divorces tucked under their belt, (soon to be 3 due to a slightly heated debate with current wife "Linda"), the sudden realisation of being alone for the rest of their life kicks in. At a time like this the closest thing to comfort they can find is to drive their Porsche down the country lanes at about 105 miles per hour while sipping a bottle of scotch, this continuing until current wife Linda is a mere distant memory or the car is wrapped around a tree. But not in this case...

From every angle this car turns heads.

Over the years Porsche have become more and more popular within the Modified culture, spanning from the early 964's to 911's and even a few Panamera's, all with stunning results! Here, 26 year old Matt Woodgate does what he does best and takes his 911 997 into a category of its own. Matt is no new comer to the stance scene, owning a heavily modified Audi B7 before taking the plunge into buying a Porsche. He has totally transformed it, the car now sits perfectly on a custom set of forged 3 piece Rotiform LHR's, custom built Accuair struts and Airlift Performance's new 3P management system gets it as close to the ground as possible. Along with a whole new makeover of GT3 front and rear bumpers & enough carbon fibre goodies to make the oldies at the Porsche owners club quiver in their tweed suits this really is a stunning example of how a modified car should be done & to the highest of standards, keeping it clean & mean.

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  • Great lookin car and a great write up.

    2 years ago


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