Ultra Rare Aston Martin Zagato Gets Detailed in (British) Heat!

Yes of all days i had to film this it was in the British summer time


So this week i called in to work on an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagota and this is one of 99 in the world and 1 of 25 in the UK so it was one of those opportunities i couldn't turn down. Sadly i chose the one day that the British weather decided to actually bring in the sun. And with sun comes the most difficult task when it comes to washing your car. Yes you could get a large marquee or use a garage but for some people this isnt possible.

Detailing in the direct sunlight? This isnt something i recommend to anyone unless it is vital. The reason being chemicals will burn on the paintwork in seconds when exposed to the direct sunlight in the middle of summer. This will cause smears and water spots. ideally you need a nice cool morning when the sun is low. Or you have plenty of cloud coverage.

Anyway This is just the exterior but hope you enjoy

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