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UNBELIEVABLE: Ekström wins in Hockenheim, hat-trick for the Swede

2y ago


So far, the 2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship season is all about Mattias Ekström. After being victorious in Barcelona and in Portugal, the reigning champion has done it again.

The starting grid of the Supercar Final hasn't changed much since the last weekend in Portugal. Once again, 2 EKS Audis, 2 PSRX VWs, and 2 Peugeots managed to get into the final round. Johan Kristofferson was on pole, closely followed by Mattias Ekström, Timmy Hansen, Petter Solberg, Sebasien Loeb, and Topi Heikkinen.

After the lights went off, Ekström immediately overtook Kristofferson, and stayed ahead for the rest. We can say that it wasn't the most exciting final ever as the approaching rain didn't make the things go wild, but it was still interesting, because everyone tried to get ahead of the guy in front of him by doing his joker lap "alone", not at the same time as the others. Eventually the Ekström-Kristofferson position swap remained the only, so we've seen a fully Swedish podium in Hockenheim.

This time the Monster Energy Supercharge Award (it's for the best reaction time at the start) didn't go to Mattias Ekström -he also took that at the first two rounds, grabbing all main trophies-, but it "stayed at home" as his teammate Topi Heikkinen claimed that Monster skull this time, and of course held it upside-down as kind of EKS-traition.

Credits: EKS

Credits: FIA World Rallycross Championship

Now, let's have a look at the standings. So far, Ekström scored 85 points out of the maximum 90. AMAZING! Kristoffersson is 2nd, Solberg 3rd, while Loeb climbs up to 4th.

Credits: fiaworldrallycross.com

At the Team's standings PSRX is leading ahead of EKS and Peugeot, and followed by the Ford teams.

Credits: fiaworldrallycross.com

Next time we can watch the guys racing in Mettet, Belgium, on 13-14th May, so next weekend!