Unconfirmed 2020 C8 Corvette Nurburgring lap time surfaces

The car's alleged time is a good baseline, but off the pace of some big boys.

1y ago

When any new, speculatively game changing car comes out you can bet the house that the rumor mill will be flying up until any official numbers come to light. And that's exactly what we have today.

According to Muscle Cars & Trucks, the C8 has lapped the 'Ring unofficially with a time of 7:28. That might not sound fast considering the records are more than 30 seconds clear of this time, but this is actually a very strong baseline. The lap was reported to have been done with the Z51 package which is 1 level up from the base model.

There's no video of the lap even though the original source has a screen shot of an alleged video feed. The time is unconfirmed by Chevy or anyone on the Corvette team. MC&T says they have "exclusive reports," even though nothing they are currently reporting is confirmed.

If this comes to light to be full true, then you can bet they will be going for a better time because 7:28 is close to a Camaro ZL1 (7:29) and a BMW M4 GTS (7:27) and the C8 should, in theory, have better performance than both of those cars. My guess, and this is only speculation, is that this was a shakedown run before a real official time is made. To put that in perspective in 2014 a McLaren 650 S lapped the 'Ring in 7:35.

When a real lap is done, look for the C8 to do it in a sub 7:20 time and the Z06 variant to do it in sub 7 minutes, if they make the lap attempt at all.

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Comments (18)

  • Still half the price of the competition. I’m impressed, personally

      1 year ago
  • While a fast lap at the ring is interesting fodder for petrol heads around the world, I personally could care less about these times as I think there are too many variables. Many like to hold the ring up as “real world” conditions ... I’d put more value in the times of a lap over Spa and would love to see a 20 car shoot out on that circuit.

      1 year ago
    • I agree. Far too many variables when at the ring that can seriously affect lap time.

      Spa would be a great choice

        1 year ago
    • Just looked at your profile ... now THAT IS A FISH!!

        1 year ago
  • Could not care less for numbers. I am about the thrill of driving. I really dont understand people who get turned on by this Nring marketing strategy...

    If I had that kind of cash to spend on a car, its Nring time or 0-60 would be the last of the priorities in my decision.

      1 year ago
  • I imagine nothing at its price point comes close.

      1 year ago
  • Better do better than 720... for such a drastic switch up... over the last two decades they made the car look like a Euro spaceship, completely sacrificed the looks... if it cant perform on a ring, cant dragrace, and looks like some heap dreamed up by gradeschooler, noones going to buy it.

      1 year ago