Under The Stars And Moon

Chapter 1 and 2 bundle

2y ago

Chapter One: “Outsider”

“Solitude Is Independence. It had been my wish and with the years I had attained it. It was Cold. Oh, Cold enough! But was also still, Wonderfully still and vast like the Cold stillness of space in which the stars revolve.”

The rusty 1976 Ford F-150 rattled down the highway, a strong smell of gasoline wafted from the exhaust and into the cab of the truck, between the suspension creaking and squeaking, the loud v8, and the sound of the thin metal body panels rattling, it was quite a peaceful drive, a phone lied adjacently in the passenger seat next to the driver, hooked up to the radio via aux cord, the reason for being on the seat is because of a cheap amazon phone mount which fell of the dashboard and now lays somewhere on the floor of the truck, the phone pumped a John Denver song through the speakers, only to be muffled by road noise, The bed of the truck was filled with boxes, moving boxes, as for the driver of this truck has been kicked out of his home, so here he is, driving across the country to a farm house his uncle left him in his will and testament, the uncle who died of unknown circumstances, they found his finger in his flower garden, and when tested, was revealed he was already dead when said finger came off. The driver cleared that thought from his mind as he continued driving. It was around 12:30 midnight when he started seeing residential lights off in the distance, there was no lights on this highway, just the light from the stars, which casted a dark purple black light kind of color, he passed a sign which read “Bus station, rest stop, 5 miles” The driver, thought to himself, “I’ve been driving nonstop for the past 10 states, maybe I do deserve a rest, it’s not like the farm is gonna get up and run away” so he pulled into the parking lot and shut off the truck. He reclined in his non reclining bench seat and looked out the window, a bright neon sign that read “Possum Springs, Deep Hollow County” Illuminated the inside of the truck in a mixture of orangish red and blue hue, he looked out the windshield to notice something.. it was a photo taped to the top left corner of the glass, he sat up and grabbed it, he squinted his eyes to be able to focus in the dark conditions, it looked to be a class photo from his 11th grade year, he found himself standing in the back, as he was one of the tallest kids in that school. Next to the photo was the school logo, as it was given to all students before they moved away, the man kept his as it was the memory that will get forgotten, and forgotten it did, until now, the seemingly overwhelming feeling of nostalgia seeped into his body, he put the photo on the dashboard and got out of the ford to stretch his legs. As he did the last bus pulled into the station and a single passenger got out.. he couldn’t see him or her, so he couldn’t care less, the passenger started ranting about her parents not picking her up or something like that, before the [unnamed driver of the ford] could relax the girl was jogging towards him “Hey, hey! Can you give me a ride please! It’s not that far!” He glanced up, she was about 5’7”, probably weighs around 115lbs, “Sure,” he responded “where are you going?” As she tightened the seatbelt against her chess, she muffled out the words “possum springs” the driver smiled, “I’m going there as well! My names Keegan, can I get yours?” She smiled as well, “Mae Borowski”

Chapter Two: “Memories From The Past”

“Be aware of the quiet ones, ‘for those are the ones who think.” -klaus Eckart 1942 (Keegan’s father)

A nice spring-esque breeze swished itself through the cool summer night sky, picking up scents of flowers and rustling the lush green leaves perched on their branches high up in the trees, then inserting itself into the Cab of the ford as it rumbled it’s way down the dark street, it has been a quiet ride ever since the cat joined the fox, she glanced out the passenger window, haphazardly swaying in and out of sleep, and the fox drove, wondering why everything felt so familiar, he had these... visions, very vivid ones too, memories: although blurry, he could still tell what was happening. His train of thought was interrupted by a voice: “You can stop here” after hearing this, he pulled into the driveway of a house and out she jumped, she grabbed her bags and mumbled “long time no see” and disappeared into her house, Keegan shifted the truck into reverse and pulled out of the driveway, he started making his way to his new house, when he decided to stop for gas, as he was filling the truck up, a midnight blue pandem r32 slipped its way into the bright white fluorescent lights that hung above. Just looking at the paint itself, It looked like the owner loved this car, he stepped closer to take a closer look, he stood at an angle and the light hit the paint just right, it looked like a miniature galaxy, the owner got out, she just stared at Keegan with a face of pure annoyance, “get away from my car you....” she paused and admired Keegan’s truck, and his clothes, “country boy” she then to a drag from a vape pen and ripped a phat cloud in his face, Waving his paw around, making the cloud of strawberry scented vapors to dissolve into nothingness, he went to confront her, but she already disappeared into the convenience store, he refueled his truck and sped off, the sun peeked it’s head over the horizon and casted a faint yellow light, as the truck finally pulled into the gravel driveway, he exited the vehicle and pulled a key ring out of his pocket, he selected the correct key for the locked door and entered the house.


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  • You are the perfect writer I've seen in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing. You can go places mate

      2 years ago
  • I've heard of attention to detail, but this is attention to non-detail! The amount of work done on this is brilliant, and I hope you're going to continue, man!

    Also, it'd be neat and reader-friendly if you spilt the text up into paragraphs. That way, we'd know when to give the pauses in the fantastic scene we're imagining in our minds.

    Great stuff!

      2 years ago
    • Thank you! No-one has ever complimented my writing style, most people say it’s “long and boring” and next time, I will add the paragraphs as you said.

        2 years ago
    • I think it looks long and boring only because of it being just one paragraph. Split it up and people will see it a lot differently.

        2 years ago
  • Great read! Thanks for sharing :)

      2 years ago
  • I don't usually read novels. But when I do, it's because it's awesome!

    I wonder how awesome it will be in comic form

      2 years ago
  • I need more of this.

    The pandem R32 is my 2nd favorite car

      2 years ago