UNDERNEATH THE RADAR. A Honda CB750 Urban Scrambler by Moto Adonis

1y ago


Americans don’t know how lucky they are. It seems to us outsiders that you could weld a set of wheels to an Exocet missile and it would still be considered a roadworthy bike in all 50 states. But for the rest of us – especially those in the EU – there’s an army of engineering bureaucrats with micrometers ready to slap down custom bikes at the blink of an all-seeing eye. So maybe it’s time to praise the quite, practical customs; those that intentionally fly under Big Brother’s radar. Exhibit A is just that; a subtle yet superb Honda CB750 from Dutch bike builders, Moto Adonis.

“I met Daan from Moto Adonis a few years ago,” says long-time friend and first-time customer, Wouter Buningh. “We immediately hit it off chatting over motorcycles, so I started following Moto Adonis on Facebook and visited his shop every once in a while. I saw all kinds of projects through the years; they just seemed to get better and better with every new build”.


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