Unfortunately, one of possibly the coolest new SUVs has been terribly out-shone.

The introduction of the R1T has allowed for what currently appears to be a very cool car to be forgotten before it's even been released!

Yep, Rivian are awesome. I can say that having done literally no research into the brand or comapred them to their main rivals (should point out they barely even have rivals right now in fairness). The R1T truck took the world by 'silent storm', but because of it's revolutionary being (it's an electric truck that so far seems to work) the brand's other release (an electric SUV) has unsurprisingly been forced into a bit of a backstage role, destined to be support act if you will. And you will, because you are the reader and that's just it. Anyway, let's see the car in question:

It's called, the R1S. And as anyone with a decent set of eyes or at least a decent set of specs can confirm, it's an astonishingly cool design. Very 'the future is now' kinda look. I immediately fell for it, so even it's terrible I'll probably still adore it. That's the main reason I wanted to write this article, because this car needs to be centre stage like its pickup counterpart. As we can see it isn't pretending either, it is by no means what we Europeans who do things right call a crossover. Now Jake and Nolan and Will and Ben and all the rest of you think it is that kind of thing, but it's not my fault you are all weirdly massive ok? Now, I should probably say blurt out some actual statistical information to keep the boring losers among you happy.

Statistical Data Part 1:

The most important rule for EVs is the magical range number. With Rivian's biggest battery pack (the 180 kWh one) you are promised a very impressive 410 miles, which I'm sure will be more than sufficient for most of its drivers. Unless you like, hate your family and just don't ever go home or something idk. I believe every version of the car somehow promises 125mph, which is another great stat for those who like myself, actually like speed limits. And depending on the depth of your back pocket, you will get to 60mph in between 3.2 and 4.9 seconds. So all is speedy in the R1S.

Statistical Data Part 2:

Ummm, now yes I have been singing the praises up until now, but like everything in life, the R1S is sadly not free. In fact it's about $72000 away from being free. That is a big shame, but honestly can anyone be genuinely surpised at that. We will have to live the age of electric expense out until it truly becomes the norm. And obviously we are given AWD for our troubles. Maybe you can use it when your going to find the nearest bridge to jump off upon realising you could've saved 30k had you rocked up and got a Stinger instead. That's the stats done then.

Ahh yes, the interior....

Well yes, they have gone a bit for the unoriginal big screen and little else design. But I will say coming from a bland interior ultra hater, that they sure haven't done a bad job by any means. In fact I like it, quite a bit. Awesome seats, awesome wheel, hopefully awesome tech and the wooden dash and side tone design is exceptional if I'm honest. So all is well, they just escaped the 'boring inside of the future' feel. Brilliant!

And there we have it, the R1S. Wonderful verdict from me so far. Would absolutely love to see it in the flesh. One can always hope I suppose. Are you excited for it, tell me what you think in the comments for the small cost of just 1 bump on this post. And really, thank you for the support, hope you enjoyed.

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  • The only thing i do not like when people talk about electric cars is that they do not pollute enviorment.

      1 month ago
    • yes the electric car is still very flawed if we think about it, I honestly believe hydrogen will make a better future, it's just we are in some of the earliest stages of its development, so it may be deemed unrealistic until sufficient...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • My dad ordered an R1S last year

      1 month ago
  • Land Rover defender all the other suvs can sod off

      1 month ago
  • have you seen the Nikola truck

      1 month ago
  • My favourite electric SUV so far. Screw the rest, EXCEPT from this, the Nissan Ariya and Audi Etron.

      1 month ago


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