Unicorn Mustang goes to auction to raise money for charity

1968 Ford Mustang Unicorn Pride Parade Car has been put up for auction on ebay to help raise money for charity

3y ago

A classic 1968 Ford Mustang that is sure to stand out from the crowd has been put up for auction on internet auction website ebay to help raise funds for charity.

The custom creation has been dubbed the 'Unistang' and modifications include a removable bejazzled 'unihorn', magnetic 'go faster' wings, custom sparkle rainbow unicorn paint job and fluffy purple seat covers.

A skilled team of five people fronted by mechanic Darren Sullivan Vince worked on the car for the last 30 days to celebrate Pride 2017.

The Mustang is currently listed with a starting price of £10,000. Whatever it sells for will go straight to the Albert Kennedy Trust - a charity that supports 16-25 year olds from the LGBT community who are homeless or are living in a hostile environment.

The custom paint job is by top graffiti artists Nomad Clan, but can be peeled off if desired, due to "Plastidip" vinyl undercoat. All modifications are entirely reversible allowing the vehicle to be returned to its original (restored) 1968 glory.

Here's what the car looked like before it was modified.

Here's what the car looked like before it was modified.

Speaking about the project, Sullivan Vince said: "I'm thrilled to be part of a project that celebrates diversity, and it's brilliant that eBay have chosen the Albert Kennedy Trust as their charity partner for this activity. I personally know friends who have been helped by this organisation during struggles in their life."

More details on the car can be found here: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1968-Ford-Mustang-Coupe-Unicorn-Pride-Parade-Car-4-7-Litre-V8-/122586895117

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  • Unicorns don't have wings, so yes, bad mod. #justsayin

      3 years ago
  • Sadly,

    No one bid and it is no longer for sale

      3 years ago