- A one of one in the world vehicle is always a special sight.


When one of 250 wasn't enough, this car then became a one of one!

New Zealand is a great place for petrolheads. We have cars and enthusiasts that fall into the jdm, muscle, classic and supercar categories. The car scene is very diverse in the same way that many aspects of the country are too. However, in recent time it is the supercars that have gained the most ground and while we now have a considerable amount spread throughout the country, the limited edition supercars are few and far between. Enter the Lamborghini Huracan Avio, originally commissioned by Lamborghini as a tribute to aeronautical engineering hence the name avio which means aviation in Italian. It can be identified by the unique decals that adorn the car. So the point that I'm trying to make is that this car is special, one of the reasons being that there are only 250 of them in the world. It is certainly a privilege to have this car in the country. Now this is all well and good but the owner of the Huracan Avio in the title picture decided that one of 250 wasn't good enough. He then proceeded to have two turbos strapped to the 5.2L V10 which meant that this car received a power increase of almost 400hp! Think about it this way, the V6 in the ferocious Jaguar F type S produces around 380hp. So once the turbos were strapped on, this car became the only Huracan Avio in the world with this combination!

Now, enough chatter from me, check out this amazing video of the one of one, twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan Avio running rampant on the streets of Auckland!


Words and title photo by Matthew D'souza

Please excuse the coarse language in the background music.

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