Unique Little Monster - 300+Hp Yugo with Lancia Delta Integrale mechanic

Sanja Smrdelj´s "Little Monster" takes the ex-Yugoslavia automotive Icon to a whole new Level

Debuting this year, this "Little Monster" is the Yugo Integrale of Sanja Smrdelj (yes, it is a Female driver) coming from Slovenia, and it is quite the unique machine. Taking the innocent Zastava Yugo of ex-Yugoslavia fame, it then adds all running gear from the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale, from it´s 2.0L 300+Hp engine all the way to the 4 Wheel Drive transmission.

Still weighing under 900Kg, it makes for quite the quick machine, although still very much in the beginning of its development process. And on the very wet, very tricky Ilirska-Bistrica Hillclimb we were finally able to see the little Monster completing a full event and displaying some of its capabilities.

For a more in-depth look at both Team and Car, you can also check this clip:

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