Unitronic Boosts TT RS To 500 Horsepower

1y ago


The Audi TT RS is a 5-cylinder performance bargin from Audi's high-performance RS sub brand. The TT RS is supercar shaming golf based coupe that brings useable performance to the people. It's quattro All Wheel Drive system and adaptive suspension make it the perfect daily driver. Although the TT RS is extremely impressive from the factory some us want more power and Unitronic is here to help.

Today Unitronic revealed that with a simple ECU tune they can add 105 horsepower and 142 lb-ft of torque to your TT RS. The entire process takes about 15 minutes to gain around the same power as the original GTI, not bad if you ask me. The result is 505 horsepower and 496LB-FT compared to the paltry stock 400 horsepower and 354LB-FT.

This ECU flash also removes the speed limiter and improves fuel economy if you can resist stomping on the throttle. Since the Audi RS3 shares this engine with the TT RS all power figures and tunes apply. Now you can choose between a 500 horsepower coupe or sedan for a small fee of $950 plus a car.

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  • vw group products are prone to certain failures regardless of if it’s left stock or modified. Why not just enjoy the added power.

    1 year ago
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  • So I'm all impressed abd all that but left wondering if this level of power increase is proportional to the increase in engine part failures?

    1 year ago
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