Unleashing The Hellreaper Range

It's time to reap hell! No, that was cringy...we can work on that.

7w ago

So, two days ago, I asked all of you aka the 213 people who voted "What Should Luferon's Performance Trim Be Called?" and the winner of said poll wasssss....Quack Whack!

Just kidding, Hellreaper won. Well, it's time to reveal the first two models with Hellreaper moniker on it!

1. Luferon Batayka Hellreaper.

In the words of the great (observe the dripping sarcasm) Aaron Kaaron aka Shut Up And Let Me Speak, "I think it's pretty cool. And pretty. And idk. But pretty cool. And pretty." Yeah....he isn't very bright. Anyway, onto the specs. "Caddy Blackwing V8. Get the double overhead cams and hot V action. Good for 655hp at 7500rpm. Make that thing SING with some exhaust help that has flaps in the exhaust which can bypass everything for straight pipes ("track only" in quotes of course). No hybrid or electricity here. This is new old school muscle. ICE power. ICE ICE BABY!!"- said David Olsen-Fabian.

2. Luferon Breserka Hellreaper.

Yeah, I know that Aqua doesn't scream "Hellreaper" but the engine sure does. Mclaren V6, turbocharged, no hybrid. Unfortunately, Aaron had no words for this.

700HP out back is lots.

David olsen-fabian

And now we say goodbye. Goodbye. Stay tuned for more!

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  • I didnt know i was to give words on the Breserka, but my stance on the issue is lets hope for christ sake its a better car than its stupid ugly ass name.

    Also thank you for including my wise words, feel free to request a stance on further matters anytime✨

      1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
  • When can I have the Breserka

      1 month ago
  • No Not the Batalyka Tang Dynasty or Brserka Golden Duck?

      1 month ago
  • why is the poll so small????

      1 month ago