UNLIM 500+

Do you know about Unlim 500+? Did you hear about it at least? I hope you do, because that is one of the coolest events for supercars in the world – and this event is held in Moscow ;) Well, not far from Moscow, at the test area called Dmitrovsky Poligon – in Russian letters we call it Дмитровский полигон. Difficult, yeah?))
They got a 5 km straight at the test area – so once a year Dragtimes (DT) makes there Unlim 500+ - this is a 1-kilometer drag racing for supercars with more than 500 hp in basic equipment.
Dragtimes organizes the event for more then 7 years but only last three years they let the audience in: it was a kind of enclave party, so people got really mad to get inside. They were even making holes in the fence to watch it from the surrounding forest!)
Now DT sell tickets, not many – about 1000-2000 tickets per event and they always have “full house”. Wanna watch it? I got some pictures!

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