- '​Civic' is related to the word 'civilised', which is how I'm going to make it.

Unpimp: Civic Type R

19w ago


I​t's nothing that can't be sorted with the skilled and sympathetic hands of a professional.

C​heck back regularly for more, kidz. And to save you wasting time on an elaborate comment, yes, I will be wearing exactly the same clothes. Deal with it.

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Comments (41)
  • OK, but that's barely a start.

    That car has, as Clarkson would say, more ornaments than a pensioner's mantelpiece. Get rid of that hideous box on the boot, the chrome, and the red stripey wheels. Then you might have... oh, wait. Then you have a repulsive car. OK so maybe - leave the decorations? Yeah, they draw attention away from the utter ugliness of the model.

    Absolutely awful awful car. Only one thing more appalling on the road, the first Fiat Multipla. >barf<

    4 months ago
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  • I adore those new civic type R,'s! :-D

    4 months ago
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