UNPOPULAR CAR OPINION: The AUDI A2 is not that special nor is it very innovative.

Aluminum con… blah blah blah
I’d be happy to just hear some solid reasons what makes it so innovative.

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Comments (15)

  • How dare you disrespect the A2 like that!!!!!

      4 months ago
  • I don't get why ppl suddenly adore that hideous blob, what makes it so different or special?

      5 months ago
    • That’s what I’m trying to figure out but so far people just have told me that I can’t understand how great it is cause imstupid or something.

      Anyone please give a solid reason why this car is so great?

        5 months ago
  • yeah....you clearly don't know the development and engineering thats gone into that car which these days is as small as a honda jazz

      5 months ago
    • Well, I actually think the jazz is a great car and I can get why people love it. And clearly I do know what kind of engineering went into that car. But I’m talking about the A2. What’s so great? So far you’ve got that it’s really small like a Honda...

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        5 months ago
    • Also, I’m assuming since you are 15 years old that you don’t have a degree in engineering. So don’t try to ridicule me or lecture me on it.

        4 months ago