Unpopular DT opinion: John Coleman does have a point about Dacia

Good car and meme farmers but not really that special as a product

Don't get me wrong-Dacia's are good cars. Cheap, easy to use and very practical but John Coleman forever tells us that they are pants. In the wider world he is wrong but in one very big way he does have a point.

Where is the inspiration?

As I have already said they are good cars for a job. That job is to move Romanian gypsies between 14th century-style hamlets with a lump of wood to hit over a head. There is no joke involved in that. No style. No luxury. No BBC 2 at 9pm-mainly because these gypsies don't even have electricity. You buy a Dacia because you can't afford a Renault. Isn't that basically saying your life is one rung below what you aimed for and that you basically failed in life as a result?

Can this be rectified?

Not really. If the cars were given lightweight makeovers like carpet removal and a bit more power from better engines then yes Dacia could have a cool car but that is against the whole idea of the brand so it wouldn't work. At that point it would be badged a Renault.

Oh come on! It is good news after all

I'm sorry to upset Ben Welham but the joke is overused. It has lost the laughter or real meaning by now. It has become so common that it really isn't that special when it is used. It would be a bit like having the same meal every time. Sure it might taste great but after some time doesn't it get a bit boring?

There is also the fact that the phrase 'good news' doesn't really hold much relevance to the car as a whole.

So what should be done here?

Lets take the Reliant Scimitar as a prime example. When was the last time you heard someone come out with that joke? Most likely when I published my anti-SUV rant but any other time in recent memory? No. This means that when someone does say it the saying actually has relevance and it does make you laugh.

Then there is the car itself. It has a V6 which actually makes it sound good, the interior was actually up to scratch for its time and it is a shooting brake which instantly makes it cool. There is no problem with the joke here because it is properly used, has real relevance to the car and the car is actually something to behold. It also has royal recognition and admiration.

I shall now end this post with statement that I am now legally obliged to make:

Princess Anne had one. You know.

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Comments (33)

  • You actually get it. Dacia's are good at what they do, in the same way no one can fault a Corolla for meeting its brief, but good news? It's an ironic and now finished joke, not a call to form a cult.

      1 month ago
  • I like it because its just very good at being a car.

    Plus they are easy to maintain and cheap

      1 month ago
    • I never said it was a bad car it was more about criticizing the good news joke which is boring by now.

      As a basic runabout they do the job perfectly

        1 month ago
    • yea

        1 month ago
  • I understand why you see eye-to-eye on the giver of Pants on this, but I would beg to differ on one point: the world needs truly cheap cars that are not there to speak down to your financial status like the antagonist of a Charles Dickens novel. This may be the first article referencing John Coleman's opinion that he hasn't given the Pants to.

      1 month ago
    • You make a good point there. There is a need for small, cheap cars as tools for those who can't afford more and that is something I understand and wholeheartedly support. My issue is when they are made out as something amazing when someone says...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • Also I don't think John has read this article. I have done @ to him on here and Dm'd him to see his reaction but so far to no avail.

        1 month ago
  • "That job is to move Romanian gypsies between 14th century-style hamlets with a lump of wood to hit over a head."

    *sighs in Romanian*....... yes this is true

      22 days ago
  • My point is, and always will be that Dacia are honest. They make superb value cars for people who just want to get about.

    When you then consider that a Top Spec Sandero is around 3 grand cheaper than a base VW Polo, which actually has worse quality dashboard materials. A less powerful engine and way less equipment. Then you really do begin to see Dacia's genius.

      1 month ago
    • Don't get me wrong I get the fact that they are good value and have made a meaningful contribution to the industry- the problem lies where people get all hyped-up about it and make out that it is something stunning when the phrase 'for the...

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        1 month ago