Before a car to car crash test made by the Latin NCAP on October, between a Nissan Versa 2016 and a Nissan Tsuru 2015, Nissan announced that the Tsuru will cease fabrication on may 2017.

Nissan Versa 2016 - LATIN NCAP

On 2013 the LATIN NCAP tested the Nissan Tsuru and gave him cero out of five stars, making it one of the unsafest car in the world, and a constant danger on the streets of almost every city of south america, central america and Mexico.

Nissan Tsuru 2015 - LATIN NCAP

After a combined speed of 80mph (129km/h), the passengers of the Tsuru would have fatal injuries, the lack of airbags and the poor structure of the car, would compromise the vital space in it.

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