Unveiling of the new Alpine A110S and it looks incredible

The world loves the A110, so the new A110S should be even better, right?

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Alpine's new hardcore addition to the well-received A110 line-up has been teased at the Alpine Centre St Albans. The new 'S' model features more horses, stiffer springs and an all-round aggressive setup that's been designed to take on the mighty Porsche Cayman S. Full details can be found in the article below:

The dealership hosted a special evening event in order to attract potential customers - particularly for those interested in the A110S. Inside saw a variety of Alpines, from a classic A110 Berlinette, to the popular Pure and Legende models and, of course the new A110S.

A110S uncovered

Yes it costs an additional £4,440, but the Thunder Grey Matt paint completely transforms the look of the A110S. To showcase this extreme contrast, it was placed opposite another A110S - this one being finished in the pretty 'Blanc Irisé' metallic paint. Comparing the two was hard work - it transforms the look of the car from that of a cute puppy, to a vicious dog.

The most obvious features that differentiate the standard A110 from the A110S are the orange brake calipers and the black 'Alpine' logos. The interior sees the most changes - orange stitching and carbon fibre dash trims add to a real sporty-feel throughout the car. Combine this with the predominately-dark interior and you get the overwhelming feeling that the little A110S means business.

Tech specs:

1.8-litre turbocharged engine - 292 horsepower

0-60 mph - 4.4 seconds

320 Nm torque

320 mm bi-material discs with Brembo pads

Specifically-tuned Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres

Re-calibrated ESP to optimise grip and cornering capability

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A massive thanks to Alpine St Albans for the invite to this event:

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