Unwrapping two Porsche 911 GT2 RS's in PTS colours and Weissach package

2y ago

As you can see from the video when Porsche ship their new cars to the dealers they are well protected. Some variants it seems more than others. The GT2 RS in the video is almost completely covered in the video where as the GT3 Touring has slightly less protection. The GT2's delivered are the top specification with not only paint to sample (PTS) colours but also the unique and very expensive Weissach package. A visual cue of the light-weight Weissach package is the central decorative strip in vehicle colour on the carbon-weave finished front lid and roof. Also in the video is a GT3 touring in PTS and a GT3 in GT silver. Someone is going to have a great Christmas! #porsche #porschegt2 #Weissachpackage

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