Up close with the Bugatti Chiron

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- The Chiron has a tension and drama that the Veyron never managed. It's 82mm longer, 40mm wider and 8mm taller than the Veyron 16.4. The wheelbase is extended by just 1mm
- Central fin references Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. Perhaps the only thing 'retro' about the new car
- The 'C-bar' motif is mirrored between driver and passenger in the cabin. Chiron has an all-new carbonfibre chassis. Torsional rigidity is 50,000Nm per degree – equivalent to an LMP1 car at Le Mans
- Interior is beautifully understated. Rotating dial on steering wheel allows you to switch between EB, Autobahn, Handling and Lift modes. Top Speed mode requires a second key. The Chiron is limited to 420kph (262mph). Limited
- Engine is familiar in configuration (8.0 litres, W16, four turbochargers), but now features two-stage charging. Up to 3800rpm just two turbos are spun up (to avoid lag) and then all four work together. The result is 1180lb ft from 2000-6000rpm
- Tron-style rear right bar looks stunning in the raw. Rear wing adopts different positions for different modes and for cooling purposes. Also acts as an air brake at speeds over 180kph (112mph)
- Massive rear wing also acts as an air brake at speeds over 180kph (112mph)
- Cooling and aerodynamic balance is crucial to the Chiron. It has a total of 10 radiators and can channel 60,000 litres of air through the engine per minute
- New Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 don’t use the old heavy and expensive PAX run-flat system and they’re subjected to crazy forces. At 400kph (250mph) each gram of rubber is exposed to a centrifugal force of 3800g
- Just 500 Chirons will be built and over 200 have already been sold.
- Like the chassis the exterior of Veyron is all carbon fibre. The finish is exquisite and adds to the sense that this is a car with no constraints when it comes to materials or construction. Just as you’d hope for €2.4-million plus local taxes
- The average owner has 42 cars, 1.5 yachts and 1.6 helicopters. This might be the fastest machine in their garage
- Brakes are forged aluminium with a ‘bionic’ structure. The fronts feature eight titanium pistons whilst the rears are six-piston. Discs are carbon ceramic, 420mm in diameter at the front and 400mm at the rear
- Chiron has wider tyres at the front (285/30 R20) and 10mm narrower rears (still huge 355/25 R21) to help make the car more neutral. The 4wd system is also more rear-biased. A maximum of 30 percent of torque can be sent to the front wheels
- The front emblem or ‘Bugatti Macaron’ is made of solid silver and enamel. Which contributes 155g to the hefty 1995kg kerbweight
- The trim for the C-bar is 2.8-meters in length and can be finished in any number of ways… In fact the whole car is highly customisable. The average customer spends €300,000 on personalisation
- Customer deliveries begin in the first quarter of 2017 and when we were at the factory the very first cars were taking shape on the production line (just out of shot)
- We hope to drive the Chiron in the spring. Let me put that another way. I hope to drive the Chiron in the spring

Yesterday we rode shotgun in the new Chiron. Now let's drool over the details of Bugatti's new 1479bhp hypercar. Photography by Richard Pardon

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  • Love that it's "limited to 262mph". Me thinks the speed will be limited by your bravery

      3 years ago
  • Not a criticism so much as an observation, why no pics of the C-shaped stress member[?] on the inside? Other than that these are great pics and that’s a beautiful car [on many levels]!!

    Just wish they didn’t name it after that prick Louie C.

      1 year ago
  • Are you sure that 285 tires are wider than 355 ones? :)

      2 years ago
  • NO !! the 1980's called and said they wanted their wheels back, Alfa Romeo called and said they wanted their headlights back, Flash Gordon called and said they'd pinched the panels off his space ship for the roof. The 'gear shift' in the middle doesn't look like it actually does anything, just screwed onto the panel, I don't like things like that, functionality is cool, but that one makes me want to yank off because it looks so flimsy. And what's with the black sills ? cheap stone chip protection anyone ? what a complete arsing bodge what they have done.

      3 years ago
  • She's so gorgeous.A car that you can fall in love with.

      3 years ago