Up Close with the I-Type 3

There's nothing like it, no matter what series it is or what scale it's done on, there's nothing like a race car launch, especially when there's an all new car with a look that's never been seen before in motorsport.

Now obviously this isn't your typical launch write-up (Darshan Chokani already has that covered here), this is purely the visual aspect.

The Tron Look Livery

Some people will complain (as usual) about it not being an all new-livery or that it's not [insert nostalgic cliché livery here], but there's nothing wrong with what they've done here; they've stuck with something that works and evolved it to the new Gen2 car. It communicates the right things; Jaguar's future as a whole is likely to be electric power and this car looks like it has come from the future with many saying that it reminds them of Tron.

That MASSIVE Diffuser

Just look at it, seriously, just look it, it's absolutely HUGE and I love how the outline exaggerates it's presence. The diffuser itself takes up an entire two-thirds of the car's height, it's like the type of insane diffuser you'd expect to see embedded within the rear-end of a Group C racecar, but way more aggressive looking.

Flowing Lines & Cutting Edge(s)

Overall car is a mixture of sharp edges and gentle curves that make it very reminiscent of fight jets like the Northrop YF-23 with the way all of it's lines are low down and the two winglets at the rear extend diagonally.

The Gen2 Formula-E car is possibly one of the most aggressive single-seat racecar designs we've seen in recent years and Jaguar Racing have taken advantage of that perfectly with how they've adapted their identity to the car.

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