Up close with the Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

I​ was recently invited to see the Pininfarina Battista Anniversario - here are my thoughts!

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Pininfarina may just be the most important design house in the history of the automobile. Bold statement, right? The thing is, without Pininfarina, automotive legends such as the Ferrari Testarossa and Ferrari Daytona simply would not exist.

So it’s safe to say that when the company unveiled its first road-car, expectations were high... and it’s also safe to say that these expectations have since been met.

Calling it quick would be the understatement of the year. With 1900 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque, 0-60mph can be done in under 2 seconds meaning it accelerates harder than a Formula One car. But despite this immense performance, it’s got a simulated range of over 500km.

In 2019, Pininfarina unveiled the Battista. It’s safe to say expectations were high however it is also safe to say these expectations have been met. One year later, the company unveiled the beast that is the Battista Anniversario.

B​uilt to celebrate 90 years since Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina created the legendary Pininfarina coach builder and design house, the Anniversario will be limited to just 5 units; each one costing a whopping €2.6 million. With 1900 horsepower, it is Italy’s most powerful sports car. It builds a bridge between the past of the internal combustion engine and the future of electric mobility through world-class design and innovation.

Automobili Pininfarina kindly invited me to view the Anniversario in person and I must admit, I was absolutely stunned.

Hopping in is an experience in itself

The Pininfarina Battista embodies the spirit of the brand’s 91-year history but the Anniversario takes things to the next level.

When walking over to the Anniversario for the first time, you’ll get a chance to appreciate its sheer size. Long, wide and low; the Pininfarina Battista has a profile similar to that of a speedboat. Entry to the vehicle is granted after opening the huge swan-like doors. As you slide yourself into the cockpit, you’ll be completely focused on the road, however as you look around you, you’ll notice that - despite the immense performance- interior comfort has not been compromised . It doesn’t feel like a 217 mph hyper GT; it feels normal, it feels comfortable.

However, there are a few details in the cockpit which serve as reminders of how special of a car you are in. For example, Pininfarina chose not to hide the carbon fibre monocoque meaning it is visible to passengers. Speaking of carbon, the key to the Pininfarina Battista Anniversario is actually constructed of carbon fibre - it truly is a work of art.

After you’ve taken all that in, you then depart from the massive crowd surrounding the car except you do so in complete silence - it’s a completely unique experience, one that simply cannot be replicated.


Beauty, character, emotion - the Anniversario is a hugely dramatic car. It quite literally turns a trip to the supermarket into a fight for humanity although it must be said, most Battista owners probably don’t drive to the supermarket.

All 5 Anniversarios will feature the same unique livery which consists of Pininfarina’s three iconic colours: Bianco Sestriere, Grigio Antonelliano and Iconica Blu. The car is disassembled and reassembled three times to allow for the pinstripes to be hand-painted onto the body - this is just proof of Pininfarina’s dedication to detail and perfection.

Another one of the main visual differences between the standard Battista and the Anniversario is the aero. This is because the Anniversario comes equipped with something called the ‘Furiosa’ package. It’s name certainly seems suitable due to the dramatic visual effect it has on the car. With the Furiosa package, the Battista still looks like a Battista; just wearing Floyd Mayweather’s boxing gloves. With it, you get side blades, a more aggressive front splitter and a rear diffuser

In addition to this, the Anniversario also comes with a set of centre-locking forged aluminium rims. Dubbed the ‘Impulso’ rims, they save a total of 8.9kg.

Both the Furiosa package and the Impulso rims are available to spec with the standard Battista.


Focusing on the interior of a multi-million almost feels weird. People are often so amazed by the performance of supercars of today that they completely overlook the cars’ interiors.

In a high-performance vehicle, a driver-focused interior is of the utmost importance. Without shifting attention from the road, the driver of the Anniversario can see three different screens directly behind the steering wheel which show all the information you need.

Front visibility is surprisingly good considering the Battista is a supercar and the same can also be said for the view out the back. But if you for some reason still find yourself struggling, you can make use of the car’s rear-view camera which will display its image on the rear-view mirror.

The alcantara seats echo the car’s eco-friendliness as they are sustainably crafted. If you look between these seats, you will see an engraved chassis plate; a subtle feature which reminds you that you are not just in a normal Battista, you’re in the 1 of 5 Anniversario. Other parts of the car which are unique to the Battista include engraved headlights, special door plaques and some ‘Pininfarina 90’ logos.


As previously mentioned, the Anniversario shares the majority of its parts with the standard Battista. Visible from the interior with the same carbon fibre monocoque chassis; the same 1900hp powertrain; and the same incredible performance.

0-100 km/h takes under two seconds and 0-300 km/h can be done in less than twelve seconds. From then on, with the Impulso rims and the correct tyres; the Battista Anniversario will continue to accelerate until it hits a top speed of 217 mph.

Battery packs tend to be a weakness for many EVs due to their high mass however Pininfarina decided to use the mass of the Battista’s battery pack to their advantage. The 120kWh battery pack is stored incredibly low within the car’s T-shaped carbon fibre frame, optimising the vehicle’s weight distribution and centre of gravity.

The battery pack itself sends power to 4 different electric motors, one at each wheel. It’s got permanent all-wheel-drive to ensure the driver is always in control of the car. To increase cornering speed and stability, the Battista makes use of a clever torque vectoring system. The system can send more power to the outer wheel in order to make it rotate quicker and it can also slow down the inner wheel.

And with a simulated WLTP range of over 500km, the Battista will actually travel further than the Porsche Taycan.

Measuring in at 380mm, the brake discs - along with the added effect of the Battista’s air brake - help to deliver incredible stopping power. The spoiler itself can be deployed in three positions to maximise performance at any time. In its lowest position, the spoiler sits flush with the rest of the car.

When talking about his time behind the wheel of the Battista Anniversario, Former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld said that he has “never driven anything as powerful as the Battista”. The world champion went on to say that the Battista is “faster than many race cars, but it is not a pure racing machine” which sums up one of the car’s main strengths.

You can drive the Battista Anniversario with the reassurance that if you mash your right foot against the throttle, the car’s 1900 horsepower will launch you like a rocket; however when you want to cruise from city to city and switch off from the outside world, you can do just that.

Bespoke experience

When you’re paying millions of dollars for a car, you expect a bespoke experience and that’s exactly what you get with, not just the Anniversario, but any form of the Battista.

When you spec your Battista, Pininfarina will ensure that no other client ends up with the same car, making each example a true 1 of 1.



There’s also something incredibly special about the Anniversario’s livery. The car is disassembled and reassembled three times to allow for the pinstripes to be hand-painted onto the body - this is just proof of Pininfarina’s dedication to detail and perfection.

And the bespoke experience does not end there. There’s even the option to purchase a set of matching luggage. Granted, it isn’t the cheapest option in the world. Nobody outside of Pininfarina really knows how much it is, however the Chief Product and Engineering Officer did mention that if you’ve got the cash to purchase a Battista, the cost to purchase the luggage will be a small drop in the ocean.

At €2.6 million, the Anniversario is incredibly expensive. It’s actually the most expensive Battista you can buy... or rather can’t buy. Out of the 150 Battistas that will be produced, only 5 will be Anniversarios.

But for argument’s sake, let’s pretend you can purchase an Anniversario - should you do it? For the money, there are plenty of other options out there that will also deliver heart-stopping performance and jaw-dropping looks. A car such as the Koenigsegg Jesko has the grunt to dribble a bowling ball, however the Battista has the intelligence and precision to shoot a bullseye from a mile away.

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    • I will be able to overtake them next year in my 1.2tsi 4 cylinder SEAT Ibiza FR from 2013 as every car sold in 2022 in the UK has to have a government EU hangover law controlled speed limiter for safety reasons. Motorway driving will be fun as...

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    • I personally prefer the Rimac but I agree with all of what you have said

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  • Wonderful article. This is surely one of the prettiest cars of the decade.

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  • ...(another electric supercar again)

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  • The Battista can be one of the best and one of the most beautiful supercars in this decade

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