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Update: Chris Harris explains how he crashed his Porsche

44w ago


Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has explained how he crashed and badly damaged his own 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package in Wales yesterday.

While driving through the Wye Valley working on a feature for their magazine, Harris came around a bend and collided with a pick-up truck performing a three-point turn.

He explained by posting on Twitter and Instagram this morning that there was nothing he could do to avoid the truck, and that the police have confirmed his speed was not a factor.

"Came around a corner yesterday to find a pick-up doing a 3 point turn broadside, in the middle of the road," said Harris.

"Unavoidable. Just one of those things. The Porsche 911 looked after us brilliantly. No one hurt, cars can be replaced.

"Police confirmed speed wasn’t a factor. And I wasn’t the one issued a penalty notice."

He also reached out to find the driver of an Audi S3 who helped out at the scene.

"And to the helpful chap in the white 64 plate Audi S3, can you pls get in contact so I can say thank you."

Harris posted this message on Instagram this morning

A senior executive from the magazine was in the car with Harris at the time, but neither were injured and the driver of the other vehicle also emerged unscathed.

Harris has been part of the Top Gear line-up since becoming part of a team that replaced Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in 2016.

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