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I've been busy, unfortunately not working on the Fulvia!

2y ago


Life seems to have been hectic this year and I haven't had anything like as much time as I wanted to work on the car but I've done a few odd jobs whenever I've had chance so here is an update.

The rear hub nuts require a special tool and are very tight, when I came to fit the offside brake pads I found that one of the pads was incorrect. Making the assumption that I had put the wrong ones in the nearside I decided I had to take the hub back off, unfortunately, despite tightening it with my breaker bar it turned out the breaker bar wasn't strong enough to undo it and, as the picture shows, broke!

Fortunately Halfords lifetime warranty came to the rescue and I got the hub off only to find it wasn't my mistake but the supplier sent me the wrong components so that was a waste of a couple of hours. The main issue was that between the broken tool and delay getting the right brake shoe I lost a couple of weeks during which time I could have got the rear brakes finished.

Once I got the right parts I was able to reassemble the offside with new handbrake shoes, new disc, reconditioned caliper and new shoes. Main elements of the rear brakes sorted now, just the flexi pipe between the body and axle to replace.M

My next task is refurbishment of the brake master cylinder and servo - or at least, getting someone else to do them for me!

Removing the master cylinder was relatively straightforward but I couldn't figure how to separate the servo from the brake pedal. Asking for help on the Lancia Motor Club forum gave me the answer - leave the socket connector on the ball of the pedal assembly and unscrew the pushrod for the servo. A fiddly job but I now have a space where there was a servo and master cylinder. They will be sent away and refitted as soon as possible once I get them back.

I'll hopefully get a couple of other jobs done at the back whilst I wait for the refurbished parts to be returned and then it will be back on its wheels to be turned round and start work on the front end.

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