Upgrading your car dilemma

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- What t do you think? Is it time to accept a downgrade or as Yaz put it: Is the only way up?

I need to refresh my garage soon. However I've identified a potential problem...

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  • My MX5 was hideously underpowered and painfully slow! But it was like driving a go kart. The trouble was, it was so go to drive, you always wanted more power. The chassis screamed at you. 'Come on! I can do MORE!' but the engine was always. "F*&£ off, that's all you're getting!"

    1 year ago
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  • James May has often said speed has nothing to do with the "Fizz" drive what makes you happy, let us know where you land :-)

    1 year ago
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    • I ended up with a 15 reg Focus ST3! Wrote a few articles about it actually! ;)

      1 year ago
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