Uphill all the way

Once in a while I like to gather up my friends and explore new places. That day we climbed the "White Mountains" in Chania, Greece. We actually just followed an uphill gravel road that was in the direction of those mountains just to see where we will end up. Before that we passed through the canyon of "Theriso". A historic village for Crete and the birthplace of the mother of Eleftherios Venizelos.

The canyon of "Theriso".

The route was full of green trees and mountains and most of the second half of the road included gravel and rocks. On our way up we found an abandoned pickup truck with some stuff from its owner still in it and just before we went back to our car we got passed by two rental Land Rover Defenders going up the same route as we did.

We found an abandoned pickup truck.

Its owner left some stuff in it.

We met some rental Land Rover Defenders.

Foreign travellers were hiking there too.

Although the surface of the road was not off-road challenging it was quite bumpy due to the rocks sticking out of it but we were presented with such great views that we immediately forgot about it.

Just before we took the road back home we made one last stop. There was some fresh thyme on the side of the road and we took some with us as a souvenir

Heading back home.

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