Upload your favourite celebrity article and win up to 1500 TribeCoin!

Upload your favourite celebrity article to my Tribe, Celebrities, and win up to 1500 TribeCoin!

39w ago

W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

H​i, my name’s Rahil and I run the Celebrities Tribe here on DriveTribe and it has been an incredible success.

B​ut, I think that the time has come for others to write about celebrity content on DriveTribe and in order to encourage you into doing so, I’m giving away 1,500 TribeCoin.

H​ow to enter

In order to enter this competition, all you need to do is upload a celebrity-related article to my Tribe, ‘Celebrities

H​ow to win

A lot of people would describe my taste as utter nonsense so instead of choosing the articles that I think are the best, I’m going to award the authors of the 6 most popular articles.

If you end up writing more than one of the most popular articles, your reward will double (250 times by how ever many articles of your’s that reach the top 6).


Y​ou have until Halloween to submit your articles- good luck!

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