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The URUS is the most controversial topic since... well, ever! At least until Ferrari decides to launch their own SUV that is. But, let's not divulge into that just yet!

Picture the scene. A yellow Lamborghini Murcielago perched outside The Dorchester (Mayfair) with both scissor doors open. A half-naked woman draped over the bonnet while the constant flashes of cameras illuminated the special yellow tri-coat paintwork. It was the stuff out of movies, an automotive piece of art and was the epitome of 'cool'.

Fast-forward 10 or so years and not much has changed with the Italian Brand (sort of). You still have half-naked women draping over the cars and drooling teenagers in equal measure and oh, don't forget about the exorbitant price tags! But, instead of Bruce Wayne driving a Murcielago with two supermodels sharing the front seat, he's now driving around his family... in his Lamborghini URUS. Your 70 year old rich Grandad who has always loved the sound, style and brand of Lamborghini, but could never buy one because of his bad back can now finally be welcomed into the illustrious world of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

You ever wanted a Lamborghini, but nowhere to put your golf clubs? URUS. You've always loved Lamborghini but you need something practical for the school run? URUS. You've always admired Lamborghini for its ability to turn heads, but you have dogs, children and a love for off-roading? URUS. In other words, where there is a URUS, there is a way!

The once Batman-like image of Lamborghini is now... dare I say it - less special because it's more accessible. But, here's why the URUS makes complete sense and why it WILL be Lamborghini's most successful model to date.

It's quite simple. If a business does not innovate, it dies. And just like any automotive manufacturer, Lamborghini is a business and is in the business of making profits. Is it such a bad thing that Lamborghini has expanded its outdated customer base of young and rich men to literally anybody who has a spare £165k in the bank?

Will the URUS stop you from buying a Lamborghini Supercar? Does the Porsche Cayenne stop you from buying a GT3 RS? Why should Lamborghini only stick to supercars if they can implement their supercar technology and brand ethos into creating the fastest, most agile and Nürburgring breaking SUV.

3.6 seconds to 60mph and 190mph sounds pretty Lamborghini-eqse to me. It's just that the URUS is an SUV and has a broader market than their supercars. It still has the looks, the sounds, the engineering and brand ethos of Lamborghini.

A URUS towing a Performante

A URUS towing a Performante

What sounds more strange? A supercar manufacturer like Lamborghini with decades of experience building a super sports SUV or Apple and Dyson entering the automotive market. Albeit, both are technology companies, but the former makes the majority of its profits from phones and the latter from vacuum cleaners. In fact, Dyson is tipped to be designing an all-electric hyper-car and if that's not more crazy than the URUS, then what is?

Competition is always welcome. Whether that comes from Lamborghini, Apple or Dyson. If a company thinks they can do something revolutionary and offer something never seen before, then they should 100% unequivocally and without a doubt do it. How can the automotive industry ever advance without taking such risks? And we're so glad Lamborghini did it and indeed made it possible.

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