- Honda Urban EV Concept – a production version is due in 2019

Urban EVs are the new buzzword and you've gotta love em…

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Hello to the Honda Urban EV. It looks like the magical Mk1 Golf, but with the playful, plastic look of a kid's radio-controlled car, and the comforting glow of an iPhone.

It's no surprise from the same geniuses who could make the Super Cub but also the Civic Type R. Ideal for tight city streets, much like the original Fiat 500 (or today's Abarth).

Then there's the new Smart Electric Drive promising a 99-mile range. Good for short trips and with zero emissions. It's a neat, efficient package and, though smaller, could well compete with the BMW i3 - which has itself just got a sporty upgrade in the i3s .

BMW i3s with added edginess

Space on the road is at a premium – and that's before you add the boom in bike lanes, taxis, delivery vans and Deliveroos. Can 'urban EVs' like these be the answer?

To me, hot hatches provide an ideal crossover between town and country driving, so they're hard to beat. Some urban EV concepts have famously tried and failed – from the Sinclair C5 to the G-Wiz.

The Honda Urban EV looks like a people's car and could really rival the i3, Smart and Nissan Leaf – and it's great to see this market expanding. At the end of the day, it's all about plug and play.

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