Urban Jeep Cruise through the capital

2y ago


On a bright and sunny the 24th of September the Jeep Owners Club and Motor Village teamed up in London and held the “Urban Jeep Cruise through the capital.” As part of the continuing the 75th year anniversary celebrations Jeeps of all types and from all parts of the country converged the capitol city for a Jeep only cruise past iconic landmarks. Even the staging area at the start was (Harry) Selfridges own car park.
Then inside Motor Village Marylebone Jeep showroom participants enjoyed a bit of tea, coffee and breakfast while registering and receiving their roadbooks and official participant decals. Fabio Di Prima from Motor Village UK welcomed the guests and got the event started.
The cruise took the participants past the American Embassy, the Italian Embassy, The Ritz, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Hyde Park, The Natural History Museum, Harrods, Constitution Hill, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The Horse Parade, Downing Street, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, down along the Thames river through Chelsea before heading past Wimbledon and finishing at Motor Village Croyden. With so many tourists out on such a lovely day the Jeep parade drew lots of attention (and photos!)
There Theo Fuche orchestrated the clearing of the dealership site to make room for the huge American BBQ and of course the participant’s Jeeps.

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