- I​mage by Will Van Wingerden - Comex Visuals

Urban Range Rover Sport - A Guilty Pleasure?

L​ast week we made a cool video (coming soon) with a 2019 Range Rover Sport. This particular car had been fiddled with, by a company called Urban Automotive, here are my thoughts on this:

2018 saw a facelift for the Range Rover Sport. The shape had been around since 2013 so it's only right that the chaps at Land Rover did something to keep buyers interested. The new interior screens are pukka, really easy to use and snazzy as you like. The subtle exterior changes work well too just a nip and tuck nothing too drastic, but enough to make the pre-facelift look old fashioned.

I​mage by Will Van Wingerden - Comex Visuals

T​his next bit is a rant. I would skip the paragraph if I was you.

This is all good stuff but for me, fixing the problems with the Range Rover requires more than a facelift and some new screen things. The problem comes with the drivers of Range Rovers. They just think they are better than everyone else, looking down on other motorists with their four wheel drive and diff locks they have never used. Why do people need such a big car? It's just unnessasary. 90% of Range Rovers on the road only have one person in and are driving too fast in the outside lane or on the phone. Obviously, I'm sure there are people out there who have Range Rovers who maybe live up a mountain or on some snow and need terrain response to get about and to them I apologise, but it's those spanners ponsing around Knightsbridge that ruin what is technically a superb car.

With that out of the way let us proceed with the Urban...

As a rule, I'm not really a fan of design houses that slap carbon on cars and generally ruin a lot of the hard work put in by the manufactures making them look good from the start. However, I seem to secretly like some of the Urban gear. It's a kind of guilty pleasure, I can't say I agree with the low front splitter that ruins the Range Rover's ability to deal with steep approach angles but looking like a bit of a drug dealer I can get behind. I like the name too "URBAN" it's genius. You won't be "roving ranges" in one of these and the fact Urban just embrace that is quite cool. Despite being bloody expensive, Range Rovers are actually very common on the roads. It definitely makes you look twice when you see an Urban Range Rover over a standard car, some people will be sold on that alone.

I think we can forgive the Urban Range Rover Sport for it's low front splitter and huge wheels because as a package and if you step back and look at it, the thing just works.

All photography by COMEX VISUALS , ​video coming soon.